CrossFit® has disappeared from Facebook & Instagram

CrossFit HQ’s decision to come off Facebook & Instagram has created confusion amongst the CrossFit community worldwide. It does seem unfortunate (and unnecessary in our opinion) to completely remove their accounts from the social media platforms but we see this as an opportunity for affiliate owners to assess their own social media presence and make some improvements. CrossFit has consistently released quality and relevant content across Facebook & Instagram for some time now and it will surely be missed, but as affiliate owners, you should step in and fill this void.

The minimum we recommend you post on Facebook & Instagram is once a day, every day (yes 365 days a year). Using a tool like Buffer makes this really easy as you can schedule your social media posts in advance. Often we’ll speak to affiliate owners and they’ll claim they’re not sure what to post about so we’ve created a super simple list below to guide you.

Top tips to help build your social media presence

Along with structuring and scheduling the above social media posts we also recommend you consider the following to help with your social media presence. We’ll dive into more details on each of these topics in future blog posts.

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