CrossFit Affiliate Website Requirements

As a CrossFit affiliate, you must adhere to a set of guidelines when it comes to your website. We’ve broken down each component into easy-to-understand sections below. All of these requirements are managed for WEBWOD clients, and if you’d like to learn more about how WEBWOD may help your business, please contact us today.


Before being included in the Affiliate Finder Map and Affiliate List, you must have an active website.

You are expected to maintain a good website. Do not register a domain that includes the CrossFit name until your affiliate application has been accepted; CrossFit is a registered trademark, and using it without our permission is prohibited.


On your CrossFit homepage, you must have the CrossFit Journal logo and link.

The link should lead to the “Start here” page rather than the Journal main page. Please be sure you utilise the precise code that can be found here.


Do you offer more than just CrossFit?

If your gym isn’t entirely dedicated to CrossFit, you’ll need to build a separate CrossFit page on your website. Make sure to include a link to the CrossFit Journal on your CrossFit page.


Your CrossFit affiliate's name should be prominently displayed.

When using the trademark “CrossFit,” always remember to capitalise the “F.” Also, The affiliate name given on the site should match the name used in the licence agreement exactly.


Keep your content original & credit if necessary.

Make sure that all of the information on your website is original or appropriately credited. In other words, you must provide attribution if you reproduce (or paraphrase) any text from the main site or another affiliate. It’s OK to say “Courtesy of CrossFit, LLC.”


Copyrighted images.

CrossFit, LLC owns the rights to all pictures from and the CrossFit Journal, as well as all CrossFit logos and visuals, and none may be used without permission and acknowledgment.


Wholesale reproduction is not allowed.

The material of the main site may not be reproduced in wholesale.

Check your links.

All links to CrossFit content must go to the CrossFit website. You are unable to use locally hosted CrossFit materials.


Location location location.

Be sure to include a clear location/address and provide contact information on the website.

We hope you found this information helpful and if you’d like to find out more about how WEBWOD can help your CrossFit affiliate grow, please get in touch.

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